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Ita'i means ‘Our Cloth’ in Ebira language. We are an exclusive textile, fashion and home brand with operations in Okene, Lagos, Nigeria and New York City. It is a traditional African fabric store rooted in Ebiraland, Kogi State in central Nigeria; where the woven cloth was invented by Omeitere. Known as the mother of Itinochi (cloth made on wood), history has it that she gathered cotton and assembled a loom to start weaving while living in cave known as ‘Uteha’.


To make Ita'i a global brand with a home-felt impact


Encouraging community development and women empowerment through existing resources such as weaving.

They said about us

"People order from us for occasions like weddings, coronations, funerals, births etc."

Mama Hauwa
Ebira Weaver - Okene

They said about us

"Not everyone is a weaver, not everyone is in it for the money. Everyone has their means of livelihood. Weaving is mine".

International Business Director

They said about us

Weaving has made women breadwinners today."





Through our partnerships with selected designers/artists in fashion, art, space and lifestyle, we create an exclusive line of quality products that are not only beautiful but are exportable.

Designers/artists apply their craftsmanship to the cloth, to produce by-products such as artworks, spaces, apparels, bags & purses, baby carriers, rugs, table mats, throw pillows/chair covers, press jackets, footwear and lots more.

The economic benefits for promoting weaving can not be over emphasized. These include human capital development, training, improved living standards, tourism, a cultural place on the global map etc

In driving Africa’s economic diversification agenda, communities are already looking inward and becoming less reliant on government. This equates to Ita'i as a viable source for economic growth.

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Oyiza Adaba


Rosemary O. Onubaiye

Country Director

Miamah J. Richards

International Business Director

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